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ArtWorks Painting Tutorials

Learn to paint every Paint Club painting!

From £15

Start painting at home with Painting Kits and tutorials

Turn your home into an artist studio and get painting with our Painting Kits including tutorials for £36.


Or if you have the supplies already, try painting tutorials from £15.


Paint at your own pace

We've put together Painting Kits for you to explore and develop your creative style from home or as the perfect gift for a budding artist.

Each Painting Kit includes the following:

  • 2 stretched mini canvases

  • Set of artist-quality acrylic paints and brushes

  • Free non-alcoholic cocktail

  • Lifetime access to private Facebook group which includes 50+ tutorials

  • 90 days access to ArtWorks tutorials

Looking for painting tutorials?

Introducing ArtWorks

ArtWorks has been set up to give everyone the chance to explore the joy of painting. It includes tutorials of every painting we have done at The Paint Club for you to follow along from home.

If you buy a Painting Kit from The Paint Club, you will be given 90 days of access to the tutorials in ArtWorks.

If you already have painting supplies then you only need access to ArtWorks which can be bought here:

artworks and the paint club.png

Every Paint Club painting
and more

Every painting we have done at a Paint Club can also be painted in your own time from home.

Access to the tutorials starts from £15 a month or is included for free when you purchase a Painting Kit.

New tutorials and challenges