• Miranda Murphy-Merrydew

An evening of drinks, banter & painting

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Myself and colleagues decided to upgrade our usual night at the pub to a night at the pub, at The Paint Club. And we were so glad we did. If you’d like to get creative in an, inclusive environment, either with friends or for some you-time, then give Paint Club a try.

We went along to the Railway Inn in Portslade  (there are plenty of other venues listed here). After grabbing a glass of wine and a quick bite to eat we sat down in the private room which is set up with chairs, easels, paint and brushes. Once settled, we all said hello to our fellow Paint Clubbers before John our host artist talked us through the scene we’d all be painting - in this case a wolf silhouetted against a moon. 

Believe your eyes - this was the first time everyone here had painted!

Not your typical painting class

The best thing about Paint Club (aside from being able to drink throughout) is that you can take it all at your own pace. Two ladies next to me had a good old catch up whilst painting away. Our group followed John’s guidance step by step, whilst the lady next to me chose her own palette entirely and decided to go off piste with her own interpretation of the scene we were painting. Another group giggled from start to finish, which was highly infectious. (There might also have been some mild cursing when things didn’t go to plan - all part of the fun).