Work with the Paint Club

One of our artists leading a Paint Club.

Are you an artist or teacher who is looking to expand their skills and do something new?

We are always looking for opportunities to expand and are looking for new people to join our team. If you have a background in art, teaching or training and want to try something new, why not get in touch?

Even as social distancing measures ease we will continue to run online and live virtual events. If you are interested in teaching in this format, send us an email below.

A row of blak canvases waiting for their artist.

New venues

Are you looking for new customers for your pub, bar or restaurant? Perhaps you're looking to fill some spaces on those quieter week nights? The Paint Club is an event for all ages which will bring new customers to your business. We find that customers tend to buy food and drink to consume whilst painting and then often stay on at the venue afterwards to catch up with friends.


We use social media to promote our events, and encourage our customers to use it during and after. This is great for your business. We believe The Paint Club adds value to your business and brings you repeat custom.

We are looking for suitable new venues, with staff who are engaging, willing to chat to us and happy to get involved with promotional ideas e.g. a cocktail to match the painting! 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please get in touch via email: