I started writing this over a week ago after listening to a podcast by Steven Bartlett. This one was with Johann Hari, they discussed focus, and how we are all losing it. If you’re interested the podcast is titled Diary of a CEO. They talked about the constant bombardment of notifications, emails, messages, social media, etc and the distractions they cause, which in turn leads to us being less able to focus. It has taken me over a week to write this because I, like most, am finding the terrible events taking place in Ukraine incredibly upsetting. It is hard to focus when something as awful as war is at the forefront of your mind.

The podcast got me thinking. We receive some lovely feedback from people we work with about the sense of achievement they feel from completing a painting. Teams and individuals say how they enjoyed having the time to do something for themselves, to take on a new creative challenge and to relax. Creating is good for you, it relaxes the mind and body, we already knew that.